Article completion date: July 2006

Jahangir Khan's Unbeaten Run

British Open final, March 1981 (Bromley) - Geoff Hunt (Aus) bt Jahangir Khan (Pak) 9-2, 9-7, 5-9, 9-7
World Open Final, 11 Nov 1986 (Toulouse) - Ross Norman (NZ) bt Jahangir Khan (Pak) 9-5, 9-7, 7-9, 9-1

And in between those matches, for five and a half years, Jahangir Khan didn't lose a single squash match. He won 555 consecutive matches (774 according to some sources). This included five straight British Open titles and five straight World Open titles. This is the first entry in my Sports section because this is phenomenal; and as far as I can see, unprecedented in any sport - the closest contender being, perhaps, Ed Moses who won 122 straight 400m hurdles races over almost ten years. Let's assume Jahangir won 555 straight matches. This is 100 matches per year, which roughly equates to 20 tournaments if you get to the final in each one. So each year, he entered 20 tournaments and won them all - for five and a half years. If someone like Roger Federer (2005) or John McEnroe (1984) only loses three tennis matches in a year they are feted as one of the best players ever - so to not lose at all for five and a half years seems unbelievable. Ross Norman's victory made worldwide headlines, so predictable was a Jahangir victory. Here are a few facts about Jahangir Khan, the unbeaten run, and squash in the Jahangir Khan period.