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Minimal Blog

As I state on my home page, this site is not intended as a blog. Since I couldn't entirely resist, this page is to note any major changes in my circumstances - e.g. a new job, emigrate, get married, sent to jail ...

Update: 8 October 2005
None of the above has happened yet.

Update: 20 December 2005
Who says nothing ever happens - and only ten weeks since my last entry. I will start a new job as a project manager in Plymouth in January. This is a 7 month contract with a company providing communications testing equipment.

Update: 20 February 2006
After six weeks of living in Bed and Breakfasts in Plymouth I have terminated the tenancy of my Maidenhead flat and moved into a flat in the 'cool' area of Plymouth. This blog's getting quite talkative now, isn't it ?

Update: 10 July 2006
Another bl!!dy sports injury. An MRI scan on my left hip has come back with FAI (femoral acetabular impingement syndrome), a labral tear and mild articular cartilage damage. Luckily I have lined up one of two surgeons in the UK (and only a handful in the world) who regularly treats this arthroscopically - the more common open surgery option for FAI would involve surgically dislocating the hip and sounds horrendous. Provisional surgery date for 17 August.

Update: 2 September 2006
Well, my operation took place on 18 August and I am currently two weeks into my rehab programme (12 weeks in total for a full return to sport). The FAI and the labral tear should hopefully be fixed by the operation. There was also some articular cartilage damage and the surgeon has performed a technique called microfracture to stimulate the growth of replacement cartilage ... because this will not be as good as 'original' cartilage I am advised to move away from high impact sports like squash and running (we'll see!). On a separate point, my contract has been extended to December.

Update: 11 February 2007
Moved to Winchester on 15 January. I will continue working for the same company, but based in their Basingstoke offices - contract currently continues until August. Two further things: i) I am close to declaring myself fit after my hip surgery; ii) as a tribute to my year in Plymouth, here are some photos. You will spot both a UFO and the interior of my flat along the journey.

Update: 9 November 2007
You would have thought something else would have happened by now, wouldn't you ?

Update: 10 November 2007
Well, ok then: No major change-of-status, but I can give a progress report. I'm still living in Winchester and still contracting in Basingstoke until at least February. Sportswise, I play tennis and cycle over the South Downs for now, as this is easier on my body after the hip op - but I still hear the call of squash in my heart. I successfully passed my 40th birthday in June with no major angst. I also wrote my first short story this year, about a dog learning the front crawl; it currently exists on a writing workshop website. I will try and find someone to publish it - out of stories about dogs learning the front crawl, it's probably in the top ten.

Update: 26 April 2008
A mere five months later. These gaps give a chance to reflect on the achievements of the intervening period.

Update: 13 September 2008
Three updates in one here (like buses):

Bought a flat in Southampton, which completed on 29 August - this is to let out, I will continue renting in Winchester. A letting agency will handle all the tenant find and management.

My second piece of news - I played, for the first time, for a tennis team (River Park Tennis Centre) today. Have wanted to get in the team all summer to play more competitively. Am investigating turning professional now.

Story update: have had three rejections on my 'dog learning front crawl' story so far, but they are polite. Currently writing Proprioceptive Man, about a man using his superpowers to win the local tennis tournament.

Update: 14 September 2008
You know that sometimes people write blogs and they get snapped up by publishers to turn them into a book. That hasn't happened to this blog.

Update: 14 March 2009
Six months since my last update - and yes that is the point of a minimal blog, although I could be taking it too far. Anyway, a quick update: I have stayed with the same company, but have changed from a contract position to a permanent role from the start of January. This is probably not a bad idea in the current climate - and I get paid holidays. Fantastic. Update two: The agency found someone to move into my Southampton flat within a month of completion and I don't have anything to do with it now - just pay mortgage interest and receive rent. Taking into account agency fees and service charges it works out roughly level each month (within ten pounds). Update three: Have you seen my 2009: A year of culture link on the site ?

Update: 6 April 2012
Still alive.